APS Budget Background – My Headlines from FY 2012 Review

As I was preparing to analyse the upcoming FY13 APS Budget, I took some time to review last years budget to get an understanding of its components and how it is structured. Also, I attended several Budget Committee Meetings to see what general direction the FY13 Budget was heading in. The following are the “Headlines” that I think deserved attention during last years and the current years budget process:

  1. APS exceeds its FY12 General Fund budget by $27 million which is consistent with FY11 overruns of $34.2 million. (FY12 General Fund budget $578 million – forecast FY12 – $605 million).
  2. School budget for direct instruction is decreased by $28 million or 6.5% while enrollment only decreases by slightly over one half percent. (Decreases in FY12 by 300 students to 47,500).
  3. Only 56.8% of APS budget spent on direct instruction and student services.
  4. Direct instruction expenditures per student decrease from $9,023 in FY 2011 to $8,494 in FY 2012 – a decrease of nearly 6%.
  5. In the last two years, APS spends $35 million on planning and reform programs – what are the results?
  6. Direct school administration budget decreases slightly in FY 2012 and represents 6.1% of the budget.
  7. In FY12, cost of General Administration decreases by $13.5 million, however, compensation and benefits only amounts to a decrease of $1.7 million. The bulk of the decreases are related to consultants and other professional services that still represent $9.7 million in expenditures in FY12.
  8. APS spends $69 million in last two years on Professional Services – nearly $26 million in FY12.
  9. Nearly every function sees a decrease in funding in FY12 – except the Board of Education that increased its budget by 10.6%.
  10. Cost of operating facilities, security, transportation and nutrition programs, as a percent of the budget, increase from 15% to 16% in FY12.
  11. In FY12, APS spent $8,494 per student for direct instruction – spends $4,715 per student for all administrative and operational functions.
  12. The APS budget for Charter Schools was $41.5 million in FY 2012 and cost the district $2.1 million (5.2%) to administer and implement the Charter Schools versus 32.9% of the budget for administration and operations of the school district.
  13. Direct instruction staffing for FY12 was 4,562 – an increase of 233 positions in FY12.
  14. There were a total of 6,045 personnel in FY 2011 and 6,268 positions in FY12. This compares to the 6,128 positions reported for FY09. Did the total staff actually decrease in FY10 as reported or was it simply “accounting” gimmicks?
  15. Are there more staff and personnel hidden in the Capital Projects Budget? (no info provided).

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