Financial Deconstruction to Financial Clarity

During my 30 year career as a COO and CFO of public and private companies, I have always been amazed at how complex financial issues and decisions can often be easily clarified if presented properly.

However, finding financial clarity in a maze of financial statements, budgets, numbers and data is not always easy and often requires extensive digging into the detail to find the key information which is the driver of good financial decisions. I think of this as “financial deconstruction” – break the information down into relevant groups that act or move together and then reconstruct the information in a meaningful way that clarifies the issue or problem and generally leads to the “right” financial decision (but not always the easy one).

My attempt on this blog is to begin deconstructing financial information that interests me and then to rebuild it in a way that allows for questions to be asked and insight to be gained.

My kids think I am an Excel nerd and an accounting geek – they are right – and I wear the badge proudly.

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