APS – No Chief of Staff in “Office of Chief of Staff”

While the functions performed by this group are important, it seems that it is misnamed. A traditional Chief of Staff functions as the Chief Operating Officer or head of the Administrative functions. In the APS system, this does not appear to be the case as shown by the Organization Chart. In fact, the position of “Chief of Staff” has been eliminated and replaced by an Executive Director. No big deal, but maybe they need to rename the department to reflect what functions it really performs.

Regarding their budget for FY13 – no increase in staff positions and it remains at seven. However, the average salary increased by nearly $7,000 or 7.1% and the total budget for the department increased by nearly 6% (probably higher as the Employee Benefits did not increase at all – likely a budgeting error).

Somehow they did not get the memo that required each department to cut their expenses by 10%. Why not? This department should get with the “fiscal discipline” program and eliminate at least one or two positions.

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