APS Office of Strategy & Development Get a 34% Budget Increase!

The only question I have is – WHY? The department has shifted titles and positions around, but the net change is an increase in two positions – from 10-12. This is crazy! As I have noted earlier, the executive leadership should represent the “change agents” in the organization for the implementation of new strategy. Clearly in the APS system this is not the case. So it looks like we can look forward to the development of “new strategies” that will be implemented by this department – and then we can look back three years from now and wonder why the “new strategy” failed. What a waste of money (more on this later).

This department should have three to five positions at best – let the rest go! If the core executives can’t implement change through their departments, then it’s time to get new executives – not add implementers, measurers and program managers. Now if this team is going to be responsible for the implementation of an actual 15-18% cut in expenses in the adminstrative functions then they have a real purpose – otherwise trim this puppy down big-time.

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