APS CIO Dave Williamson – Updated to Correct an Error

UPDATE – In the original post below, I did not include the new IT Policy and Governance department in IT. I will revise the post below and present it as a new post.

Just a sparkling performance – the FY13 Proposed Budget is down $4 million or 16.3% and down $11.9 million (37%) in last 2 Years. Outstanding work and fiscal leadership Mr. Williams!

Included in this Division are the Shared Services, Operational Technology, Information Applications, Information Services and Instructional Technology. Not only did each department reduce expenses, but in some cases, they did so dramatically. Here is a list of their fiscal restraint accomplishments:


  1. Salaries down $1.9 million (25.5%) and staff positions down 14 (15.6%)
  2. Professional Services down $1.4 million (30.0%)
  3. Other Purchased Services down $253k (4.9%)
  4. Property down $405k (77.9%)

Simply outstanding performance – Mr. Williams is easily crowned the King of Fiscal Restraint among the APS administrative departments!

And how about this for fiscal discipline – Mr. Williams has reduced his own personal staff from eight to three. It seems that he can fully function with a Special Assistant and an Administrative Assistant – just as Superintendent Davis has done.


Mr. Burbridge please take note – four Administrative Assistants may be a bit of overkill – you think?

Note to Budget Department – Salaries and staff positions are down – why did Employee Benefits increase?


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