APS Policy & Governance – Updated Due to Error

Update – Originally I thought this departmetn was related to the Policy and Governance for the APS system versus Policy and Governance for the Information Technology systems. I will issue a new post for IT with this correction. Also note that the original CIO post earlier is being revised as well as it did not include this new department.

I missed this department earlier and it appears to be a new one. As I am not sure where it fits in the organization chart, for the time being I will include with n the Chief of Staff Division and correct later if needed.

My sense is that Dr. Davis considers this to be a critical function that deserves separate funding and financial tracking. The initial proposed budget is $1.3 million and is staffed with 13 people. Both the amount and staff positons are incremental as neither existed last year.

The job descriptions shown don’t make any sense (they are for IT positions) so the staffing information may not be correct.


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