APS – Another Note on Where This Is Going

So far I have spent a lot of time on the budgets of the leadership of APS and there will be a couple of more posts regarding the FY13 budgets for the G&A functions. But then there is a lot more to review.

In the near future, I will put the following Divisions under a microscope and look at their spending as well:

  1. Operations – Ops Admin, Planning, Facilities, Custodial, Security, Nutrition and Transportation.
  2. Deputy Superintendent of Instruction – the administrative functions for the schools which includes school administraton, principals, reform teams and other programs that do not include teachers.
  3. Direct Instruction – this group has about 50 departments. I will break in down into at least the following areas – Traditional Direct Instruction, Remedial Education, Vocational Education, Non-Traditional Instruction and Student Services.
  4. Special Revenues Fund – to fully understand how many positions exist and what is actually being spent in all of the major functions, we have to dissect the Special Revenues and then consolidate it with the General Fund departments. This will bring Adult Education and Pre-K.

There is a lot there and a lot more work to do. But I hope that you can see that by slogging through the details, deconstructing it into relevant component parts – and then rebuilding it in a way that makes sense – financial clarity is the result. And then the relevant observations and questions are easy to find (not so easy to fix or answer).

Hang in there with me – and we will get to it all.

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