APS Budget – Begin the Reconstruction!

I asked you to be patient as we went through the detailed analysis – it is never fun, but it is always interesting what you find. And now after slogging through all the details, the reconstruction process begins.

So what are the next steps? Let’s look at some summary financial and other information that I have never been able to find anywhere in the APS site and see if we can spot major trends or other key information. In the next several posts, I will present the following charts:

  1. The total budgets by major General Administration Division
  2. The total budget for each line item (objects) for the General Administration
  3. The total personnel in each General Administration Division

Also, a word of caution – as noted in prior posts, there appear to be a significant number of inconsistencies and possible errors in the budget data. As such, some of the numbers may change and lead to alternate conclusions. However, I have to go with what I have and then can easily modify it later.

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