APS CIO Dave Williamson – Revised – Still the King of Financial Restraint!

As I noted earlier, the original post for this team had to be revised as I had left out a department. That being said, the numbers still look great.

Just a sparkling performance – the FY13 Proposed Budget is down $2.7 million or 11.1% and down $10.7 million (33.1%) in the last 2 Years. Outstanding work and fiscal leadership Mr. Williams!

Included in this Division are the Shared Services, Operational Technology, Information Applications, Information Services, IT Policy & Governance and Instructional Technology. Not only did each department reduce expenses, but in some cases, they did so dramatically. Here is a list of their fiscal restraint accomplishments:

  1. Salaries down $845k (11.3%) – not sure how they did this as the number of position only declined from 90 to 89 (let’s hope the numbers hold up after review).
  2. Professional Services down $1.4 million (30.0%)
  3. Other Purchased Services down $253k (4.9%)
  4. Property down $405k (77.9%)
  5. Overall, expenses down $2.7 million or 11.1%.

Simply outstanding performance – Mr. Williams is easily crowned the King of Fiscal Restraint among the APS administrative departments!

And how about this for fiscal discipline – Mr. Williams has reduced his own personal staff from eight to three. It seems that he can fully function with a Special Assistant and an Administrative Assistant – just as Superintendent Davis has done.

Mr. Burbridge please take note – four Administrative Assistants may be a bit of overkill – you think?

Note to Budget Department – Salaries and staff positions are down – why did Employee Benefits increase?

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