APS – Only 3 Positions Cut from General Administration Functions!

Wow – I think we have a headline!

After all the discussion of “fiscal discipline” and the announced potential cuts of 350-500 positions throughout the system, as shown in the chart below, the General Administration functions at APS cut only three positions in total – only 1% of the total General Administration personnel. Since FY11, the General Administration functions have only cut six positions, or 2.1%.

This is stunning information – and I am speechless. For all we have heard about retrenchment and cutting cost, this is it? What a joke. This makes me wonder – what information is the Superintendent, the CFO and the Board of Education looking at?

I have to assume that they saw information similar to the above – and then signed off on it. The Budget Committee of the Board should be ashamed of themselves – either they are not getting (or asking) for the right information or fiscal discipline does not really matter to them. As I have said before – Tar & Feathers!

This is a clear message to the rest of the APS departments who have to bear the brunt of the staff reductions – “do as I say, not as I do”.

Superintendent Davis and CFO Burbridge – get this fixed ASAP – cut another 25 positions from the Divisions shown above and show the rest of the System you are serious!  Or stop the charade.

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