APS – How are the General Administration $$$’s Spent?

Again, you will not be able to find the chart below anywhere in the APS site or the FY13 Budget documents. And a word of caution – as I have noted in prior posts, there are a significant number of Salary and Employee Benefit numbers in the budget data that just don’t make sense (we will see if they correct it in the next version).

Consistent with the negligible change in staff positions for the G&A functions**, total Salaries and Employee Benefits only decreased by $806k or 3.1% as compared to FY12. And when compared to FY11, Salaries and Employee Benefits have only decreased by $399k or 1.5%. This is paltry at best and, if my earlier observations on certain budgeted Salaries numbers are correct, the actual decrease will be even less. (Click chart to enlarge)

However, it appears that they are doing a good job in attempting to reign in some other costs that had gone out of control. Professional Services have decreased by $1.4 million as compared to last year and nearly $8.0 million since FY11. The trend is excellent, but the $8.7 million budgeted for FY13 still seems very high. Hopefully the Budget team will disclose what the major components of Professional Services are so that we can make a better assessment of the spending.

The Other Purchased Services and Supplies & Materials have seen a similar decline as the Professional Services – clearly some restraint is being shown here.

Overall, the total expenses for the G&A functions have come down $4.1 million or 8.1% since FY12 and $14.6 million since FY11. This is a good start. If this group adopts the same standard for job cuts that it is applying to the other part of the system, then it will be a big step towards adopting a responsible and fiscally sound budget for the upcoming year.

** G&A functions included above – Board of Education, Internal Compliance, Superintendent’s Office, Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief of Staff, Strategy & Development, Organizational Advancement and Chief Communications Officer

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