APS – Note on Special Revenues – Where is the Rest of the Data?

Up front, let me say that to fully understand the fiscal priorities and direction of the current APS Administration, we have to be able to see the entire FY13 Budget – which must include the Special Revenues Fund. While APS has released the listing of amounts for each Special Revenue Fund item, they have not released the detailed listing of spending by Object (Salaries, Employee Benefits, etc.) or the number of employees funded by each Special Revenue account.

The current FY13 General Fund Budget is $565 million and the Special Revenues Fund is $157 million or nearly 22% of the FY13 Budget. However, without the detailed information for the Special Revenues Fund (which was fully disclosed in previous years) a full assessment of the spending priorities of APS is not possible.

Will they release the Special Revenue Fund information as they have in the past or will it remain a mystery?

Also, I am making some assumptions, including:

  1. The Special Revenues Fund detail was shown to the Budget Committee and the full Board.
  2. They reviewed and considered a fully consolidated FY13 Budget in advance of its approval and fully understood what was being spent by program and department, as this would be the only responsible course of action.

I will bet my assumptions are wrong!

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