APS – Budget Questions for the Board & Superintendent

As of this morning, the revised FY13 Budget Proposal has not been released and I understand that the FY13 Budget (whatever it is) will be adopted this evening at the Board Meeting. My primary questions to the members of the Board and the Superintendent are as follows:

  1. The FY13 Budget, as proposed, has at least a $6.8 million deficit and the the local tax revenue forecast is optimistic by $8-10 million – why is the Board not taking steps now to close the current budget deficit and passing a balanced budget?
  2. Subsequent to passing the original budget, the Board has passed amendments resulting in budget overruns of $25-27 million in each of the last two fiscal periods. In the event there are necessary expenditure increases or revenue shortfalls, will the Board look to find other compensating savings or will it simply amend the budget and accept greater deficits?
  3. Barring extraordinary circumstances, is the Board fully committed to the fiscal constraints in the budget that is being passed?

I look forward to hearing the answers and seeing the information contained in the adopted budget. The numbers will also tell a story which I will address in future posts.

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