APS – $574.5 Million FY13 Budget Passed Last Night – Revisions Not Posted Publicly Prior to Passage

Per the AJC article by Jamie Sarrio, the Board of Education passed a revised FY13 Budget for $574.5 million. While the article is correct – that the budget passed is leaner than FY12 – the budget revision for the General Fund represents an increase of $11.2 million over the previously proposed budget. Per the article, the increases are composed of:

“The district is setting aside $1.7 million to cover legal costs associated with an ongoing cheating scandal, and it is earmarking $4 million to pay unemployment costs. Property taxes will increase slightly to cover debt service principal and interest payments.”

The additional component of the increase in spending is a $5 million transfer from the General Fund to the Building Construction Fund.

It is my understanding that the FY13 Budget was revised as of last Friday and the information was sent to all the Board Members. However, the information was not posted on the APS website as they wanted to wait until the completion of the Board meeting so that they could include any additional amendments. Unfortunately, without publicizing the information in advance of the Board voting on it, it makes it difficult for the public to provide any comments. I hope this is not the process they will follow in the future.

I understand that they will post the budget today and I will begin analyzing the changes as soon as possible.


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