APS – Enrollment Data Increased By 10.7% – Why? **Updated** With Answer*

The student enrollment presented in the FY13 Proposed Budget indicates that the projected enrollment for the upcoming year is 45,801 –  which is consistent with the downward trend seen over the last couple of years. However, the FY13 Approved Budget shows an enrollment of 50,707 for FY13. That is an increase of 4,906 students, or 10.7% and goes against the historical trend. Additionally, the increases  are spread across all grade levels and only 12th grade shows a slight decrease.

**Update** – Per APS, the increase in the projected enrollment is the result of including the Charter School students in the enrollment figures. This is a good piece of information to have as it will improve and update the analysis of cost per student for the APS student versus the Charter School student. I will update the prior analysis in a subsequent post and include the FY13 Approved Budget numbers.

Also, the information provided only presents FY12 Projected – given that the school sessions are complete for this fiscal year, isn’t the actual enrollment for FY12 available?

What new information has become available that would justify modifying the enrollment upwards in direct opposition to the trend for the last several years?

This statistic is important as I can then calculate spending by category or department per student which is a key metric to assess spending across the board.

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