APS – How Are Priorities Changing? Again – Follow the Money

More often than not, you can determine what the real priorities are by following how the money is spent. Below is a table showing the percent of the General Fund spent on each activity or function. You can also see the year over year percent increase or decrease and then the percent increase or decrease over five years. I have highlighted in green the categories with higher resource allocations and in yellow the categories with lower resource allocations. [Click table to enlarge].

While the table above helps point to larger trends for the major categories such as:

  1. Direct Instruction – percent allocation down 3.9% over five years;
  2. School Administration – percent allocation up 0.8% over five years;
  3. Operations – percent allocation up 2.1% over five years; and
  4. General Administration – percent allocation up 1.0% over five years;

because the percentage changes in the table for each department within a major category is a relatively small percent, it somewhat undervalues what is actually happening in each department. To better understand the spending priorities, I will look at each major category and assess how the spending priorities are changing with each department in future posts.

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