APS – An Assistant Principal in Every School – Sounds Great! But was it Really Just this Year’s Version of the “Administrator’s Full Employment Act”?

In the AJC article by Jamie Sarrio discussing the approval of the APS FY13 Budget, one of the changes that supported higher spending for the School Administration department is noted:

 “The district plans to add an assistant principal at every school — something promised during a massive school rezoning approved in April.”

And the budgeted School Administration personnel includes 53 new Assistant Principals which likely represents the majority of the $2.6 million increase in Salaries and Employee Benefits in this department. On its face, the addition of 53 Assistant Principals – one for each school – sounds good.

But was there another motive for adding these positions? Based on some of the reshuffling of positions in other school administration departments, it looks like we have generally the same people with simply new titles. While the School Administration department added a total of 74 positions (most of which are the new Assistant Principals), the school “Reform” departments decreased by 17 positions, the Office of High School decreased by 40 positions and administrators for the Exceptional Children decreased by 13 positions. It seems a bit curious to me that it was determined that 74 additional positions were needed in the School Administration Department at exactly the same time that it was also determined that 70 positions needed to be eliminated from other school administration functions. Was this a coincidence – or was it simply the implementation of the APS school administrator’s “full employment act” packaged in a way that made it sound palatable? I think I can guess at the answer. Tell me yours in the comments.

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