To North Atlanta Parents – Get Over It! The APS HR System Worked.

An article in the Reporter Newspapers by Dan Wisenhunt (with what I believe is a misleading headline) does a thorough job of analyzing the APS hiring process and provides an excellent Q&A with school officials regarding the steps they take prior to hiring a candidate. And the process worked! So why are North Atlanta parents still upset regarding the consideration of a candidate for principal with a prior negative history?

A number of vetting steps are in place that culls out candidates that are not qualified or have other problems. The candidate in question got past the first step, but was identified in subsequent steps as a problem and the individual was not offered a position. While I am sure the HR function at APS is embarrased, the individual was not hired due to a public vetting (a step in the process). Again, the system worked as it should.

Parents  – move on to something more important!

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