APS – A Couple of Quotes for the Record

During the Board of Education discussion regarding the approval of the Drew Charter High School this past Monday night, there were a couple of very interesting points made. While I do not have exact quotes, I will paraphrase them as follows:

Board Member – Courtney English: “Each time I think of APS, I think of two numbers – 50% and 4,700. The 50% represents the number of students who enroll in 9th grade in APS and then subsequently drop out. The 4,700 is the number of APS students who leave our system each year. As a system we are failing large numbers of students and it is not getting better. When this is the case, why are we looking to limit the number of students that might attend Drew which is performing at levels far superior to APS? The right question to ask is – how many more student will they take?  This is what we need to ask if our priority is to educate the students in Atlanta.”

Bravo Mr. English! Well said – and BTW, the Administration was not able to give a reasonable and relevant response to the question posed.

Superintendent Davis: “There is no question that as a system, we have not worked well with the Charter Schools in our district. We have not supported them as well as we should and we have not learned from their strengths and their accomplishments.”

I will not go into a discussion on either of the quotes above, but wanted to place them on the record for the time being. However, I will come back to both of them in future posts.

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