APS – Tech High School Ranked in US News & World Report as a “Best High School” – Oops!

As reported in today’s Buckhead.Patch, Tech High School was ranked by US News & World Report as a “Best High School” – one of three in the APS district. Why oops? Tech High had to shut down last summer primarily as a result of APS inappropriately withholding funds from the Charter Schools. Interesting – APS claims to have the best interest of the students at heart – so I am sure they made provisions to get all former 200 Tech students into schools that were performing better than Tech. LOL – what a joke.

As I noted yesterday, I would not be surprised if Tech was planning a lawsuit against APS – the ranking noted above will only serve to increase APS’s liability! It would be funny if it wasn’t going to come out of the taxpayer’s pockets and the former Tech students had not been harmed. Students “best interests at heart”? Not likely.

2 Responses to APS – Tech High School Ranked in US News & World Report as a “Best High School” – Oops!

  1. concerned charter school parent says:

    Tech High did not close because of funds not received from APS. They closed themselves due to lack of funding because of low student enrollment, no fundraising and lack of board involvement. Other charter schools are thriving on less money that what Tech High received.

  2. Rebecca Hudson says:

    The withholding of pension funding by APS was the straw that broke that camel’s back at Tech High. Other charter schools in APS are not thriving on less and they too will close if the cuts continue through 2024 as projected. See: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=150c3e1bf9ffa37476c53ba9a&id=99cb76ac2b

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