APS – Update on Budget Process

This past Thursday, the Budget Committee of the Board of Education met again to review the FY14 Budget. As it stands now, there is an incremental $14.0 million in revenue bringing it to $568 million in total. Additionally, the Administration has proposed $26.9 million in cuts, bringing total expenditures down to $588.0 million. The remaining $20.0 million deficit will then be covered by use of the General Fund balance. The Administration indicated that a full Board Meeting has been called for this coming Monday and a resolution will be offered to adopt the FY14 Budget with the modifications noted above.

As an aside, the Budget Committee Members were clearly frustrated with the process to-date and appear to be exhausted as the questions and answers just simply seemed to go around in circles. A point made by several of the Board Members.

I will be writing in far greater depth on the FY14 Budget over the next two days, so please check back for updates. Also, I have created a document that pulls together all my questions and comments in one place. If you would like a copy, please email me at stockwell@stockwellconsulting.com and I will send you a copy directly.

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