APS – Allocation of Resources Between Direct Instruction & School Administration 3 of 6)

Below is a Chart that looks at the allocation of resources between Direct Instruction & Student Services and School Administration with questions for the Board and Administration below it.

APS Allocation of Resources School Admin vs Direct 051913

  1. There has been a small shift in the percentage of resources allocated between Direct Instruction and School Administration. However, if the proposed cuts discussed in the Budget Commission Meeting on May 16 are adopted, it is likely that total Direct Instruction expenditures will be flat or decrease as compared to FY13. This will also result in the percent of spending on School Administration activities to increase in relation to Direct Instruction. Is it the Administration’s judgment that the resource allocation between the two components is appropriate? What are the expected outcomes and benefits from redirecting resources towards School Administration?
  2. The Administration has indicated that, for purposes of the “65% Test” required by the GA DOE, APS is at approximately 57% (approximately 61% if Charter School Spending is included). Does the Administration have any plans to begin moving towards bringing this number into compliance with the State requirement over the next several years or is an ongoing annual “waiver request” part of the overall strategy?

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