APS – Detailed Analysis & Question of FY14 Budget Proposal (6 Posts)

As noted yesterday, it is likely that the Board of Education will pass a Preliminary Budget for FY14 on Monday. The Preliminary Budget will have approximately $568 million in revenues and $588 million in expenditures with a $20 million deficit. In the next 6 posts, I will break down the Budget into its major components (Direct Instruction & Student Services, School Administration, Operations and General Administration) and pose a series of questions to the Board and Administration. The questions are designed to elicit a better understanding of the thought process behind the numbers and the objectives and outcomes expected from the choices made regarding the allocation of scarce resources.

The expenditure data I am using is based on the detailed information provided early last week which includes $614.9 million of expenditures. The Administration has proposed cuts of $26.9 million, but they have not yet been incorporated into the detailed information published. As such, some of my questions will be subsequently revised based on the information that is provided this coming Monday.

From a process standpoint, it is my experience that in order to gain a good understanding of  higher level resource allocation decisions, it is critical that we understand the detailed information and then build up an understanding of the Budget as a whole.

Also, the Charts are sometimes difficult to read in the posts – all the information being published in available in a Word document which is much easier to read. If you would like a copy, email me at stockwell@stockwellconsutling.com.

Update: Post linked by Maureen Downy at the AJC Get Schooled.com – Thanks for the link!

3 Responses to APS – Detailed Analysis & Question of FY14 Budget Proposal (6 Posts)

  1. Ashley Miller says:

    I would like a copy if the Word files please.


  2. […] this on another thread a week or so ago) If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, go read this six-post blog about this year's proposed budget. IMO, APS is the #1 problem in our city, and they will not […]

  3. John says:

    I would like a copy as well. Your e-mail address is not working for me. Much thanks for the hard work.

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