APS – FY14 Budget for Operations (4 of 6)

Below is a Chart for the proposed spending for the Operations Division for FY14. Again, there may be some changes due to proposed spending cuts, but it is unlikely the number will change stubstantially. Below the Chart are questions posed to the Board and Administration.

APS FY14 Operations 051913

  1. The proposed budget cuts discussed in the Budget Committee Meeting on May 16 included a $2.0 component for acceleration of outsourcing of Custodians. If the proposed cuts are adopted, will the total expenditures as shown above for Custodial activities be reduced by the $2.0 million?
  2. Excluding the one-time costs for the new police force, the total combined costs for the Director of Security and the Safety Department are down slightly from FY13. How were the savings achieved?
  3. In the Budget Committee Meeting on May 16, Superintendent Davis indicated that the New Police Force One Time Costs were likely to be $1.0 million versus the $2.0 million shown above. Will the $1.0 million savings be used to reduce the amount of Fund Balance usage or will it be allocated to other parts of the FY14 Budget?

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