APS – FY14 Budget for School Administration (2 of 6)

In the Chart below is the FY14 Budget proposal for School Administration. Remember that the numbers have not yet been adjusted for the recommended cuts, however, it is unlikely that substantial cuts will affect this Division. Below the Chart is a list of the questions on the numbers.

APS FY14 School Administration 051913

  1. School Administration (1101) has been increased by $857k or 2.3%. The primary components of the increase are Salaries (up $552k) and Employee Benefits (up $1,120k). Given that there are no school additions from the prior year, why has compensation increased? In addition, Salaries have increased $2.3 million from FY12 – why? Employee Benefits as a percent of Salaries were 20.8% in FY12. Why has the percentage increased to 29.4% in FY14?
  2. Exceptional Children – Administration (1629) has increased by $2.0 million or 165% over FY13. What required such a substantial increase in this account?
  3. Overall, the School Administration Function has increased by $3.2 million or 6.5% over FY13. Does the Administration consider this increase appropriate in light of no growth in schools, a decline in enrollment and very scarce resources?
  4. As the result of the proposed increases, what specific objectives and results will be attained with the additional resources?
  5. What amount of the proposed cuts discussed in the Budget Committee Meeting on May 16 will impact the School Administration Departments?

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