APS – FY14 General Administration Budget (5 of 6)

Below is a Chart presenting the proposed FY14 Budget for General Administration. While there may be some additional cuts, it is unlikely that the cuts to this group will be substantial. Below the Chart are questions posed to the Board and Administration.

APS FY14 General Administration Budget 051913

Questions & Comments on General Administration Expenditures

  1. Board of Education – a small decrease in expenditures due to reduction in one staff member and reduced Supplies and Materials.
  2. Strategy and Development – A revised and extensive Strategic Plan was released in the later part of the year. Given that this occurred, why did expenditures increase by $236k or 14.5% in FY14? What new initiatives are being undertaken that justify the increase?
  3. The Associate Superintendent’s Departments decreased expenses by $148k or 4.4%. Is this an actual reduction or does it simply represent a transfer of expenditures to another Division?
  4. Chief Financial Officer Burbridge has made substantial expense reductions in the Finance Division. Excluding the Employee Benefits Department (which represents Unemployment Insurance payments for the entire organization), total expenses are down $975k or 11.7%. It is clear that Mr. Burbridge is finding ways to be more cost efficient. Well done!
  5. The General Counsel’s expenditures are also down. Is this the result of the CRCT legal matter winding down?
  6. Human Resources expenditures are up $1.1 million or 23.6%. Recently the Board approved the net addition of 11 staff members to this Division. Given the incremental investment in this Division, what are the specific objectives, the expected results and the time frames for achieving the results?
  7. Expenditures in the Information Technology Division are down $3.3 million or 10.5%. Approximately 1/2 of the reductions are in Professional Services and Purchased Property Services and 1/3 in Salaries and Employee Benefits. Does the Administration have any concerns that the reductions will impair the effort to align IT systems with actual field conditions and efforts to improve data integrity?
  8. Charter School funding remains essentially flat with the prior year, except for the $2.9 million payment that is being withheld from the Charter Schools pending the outcome of the lawsuit.
  9. The amortization schedule on the Unfunded Pension is now beginning to ratchet up – the FY14 payment is $5 million more than FY13. Is the Administration considering any alternatives ways to remove this annual contentious problem from the General Fund?
  10. A system-wide bonus amounting to $9.6 million was considered, but it will likely be cut from the final approved Budget. Is this assumption correct?

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