APS – FY14 Summary Budget Information (6 of 6)

Below is a Chart showing a high levels allocation of resouces in the FY14 Budget across the major categories of spending and questions posed to the Board and Administration below. As a note, it is likely that the proposed cuts that will be adopted will primarily impact Direct Instruction and, accordingly the percent allocation to Direct Instruction will be reduced and other categories will increase.

APS FY14 Summary Information 051913

  1. After the contemplated reductions in expenditures are incorporated into the detailed information, it is highly likely that the Direct Instruction spending will result in a slight decrease as compared to last year. As a result, the percentage of total resources allocated to other major categories will increase.  Given this, it would be helpful if the Administration discussed its reasoning for establishing the overall allocation of resources.
  2. Is the Administration comfortable that, in the face of a likely reduction in Direct Instruction spending as compared to FY13, Student Services, School Administration and Operations costs are increasing? What are the objectives and specific outcomes that the Administration expects from the proposed increases in the major categories?
  3. The Direct Instruction expenditures of 56.1% (prior to Special Revenue Fund spending) are well below the State target of 65%. Does the Administration have any plans to begin closing the gap on this measure?

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