APS – Next Steps for Action on the FY14 Budget

As I noted in prior posts, my sense is that the Preliminary FY14 Budget will be passed today. However, the process is far from complete and there is still time to comment on the direction the Administration is pursuing until the final Budget is passed in June.

The information that was contained in the prior posts was sent to all Board Members and key Administration officials. It is my hope that we will begin getting some answers to the questions posed. But this is just the first step, all the work to-date was only to get an understanding of the proposed reallocations of spending, the Administration objectives and the desired outcomes. Once we have a better understanding of the thinking of the Administration, the process can then turn towards making an effort to get changes in the Budget prior to final passage in June.

In addition, there is still a lot of detailed analysis required on the revised numbers, the staffing levels in each department and the Special Revenue Fund Budget (which has not yet been released). Hopefully we will have all that information soon and we can make additional assessments on the priorities of the Board and Administration.

From my perspective, the focus should continue to be directed towards reallocating resources from School and General Administration to Direct Instruction. Parents – keep up the good fight!

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