APS – Questions on Safety & Security FY14 Budget

Given the tragic events of the recent past, it is prudent that APS is beefing up its Safety and Security staffing and budget. As this is a critical concern of all parents, the effort to do so is appropriate and is likely supported by the entire community.

However, I think that there are a couple of reasonable questions to ask regarding the financial and staffing changes that are being made in the effort.

Below is a Chart showing the combined FY14 Preliminary Budgets for the three Departments that make up this group, followed by the questions I have on the numbers (click on the Chart to make it bigger).

APS Safety and Security 052313

Questions and Comments on Security, Safety and Cost of New Police Force

  1. Will the Amended FY13 staffing positions be released publicly? It is difficult to assess staffing and compensation levels without this information.
  2. In the recent Budget Committee Meeting, Superintendent Davis indicated that the cost of implementing the New Police Force would come down by $1.0 million. Are there any other expenditure reductions that are being considered for this group?
  3. Total positions in this group are up 104, primarily in the Safety Department, however Salaries only increases slightly. Is the increase primarily the result of part time individuals moving to full time status?
  4. As a percent of Salaries, the Benefits are very high at 46.3%. Is this simply a misclassification, or are there other reasons for this?
  5. Other Purchased Services are down substantially. Does this account include contracted Police Officers, or is it something else?
  6. If the increase in staffing is primarily due to the transition of part-time personnel to full-time or replacing part-time employees with new full-time employees, why is the number of managers of these departments up by 6? It would seem that the Management resources were already in place to manage the part-time staff in previous years (See next Chart below).
  7. The same condition as in Question 5 would hold true for Safety & Security Field Support Personnel (See next Chart below). Why an increase of 8 staff in this group?

APS FY14 Security Consolidated Staffing 052313

As always, I will post answers to the questions above as I receive them.

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