APS – Operating Units of the APS Organization – My Take

A recent post may have confused some readers regarding the difference between the School Administration components and the General Administration. To try to clarify, I break the APS organization into three major operating units. In addition, each of the major operating units has several sub-units that make sense to group together. The following is how I break the organization down:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction – the primary function of the school system
    1. Direct Instruction – primarily teachers and para-professionals.
    2. Student Services – activities in the schools to support students (social workers, guidance counselors, etc.)
    3. School Administration – primarily individuals working in the schools and with direct daily contact with teachers (Principal’s, Assistant Principals, Registrars, School Secretaries, etc.)
    4. Central Office School Administration – various Departments that serve purely in administrative functions in support of the School Administration noted above. As a general rule, these individuals are located at the central office and not in the schoolhouse.
  2. Operations – provide for maintenance, custodial services, transportation and security.
    1. Operations Administration – the management and planning function for all Operations
    2. Facilities – departments that maintain the physical plant.
    3. Custodial Services – custodians, both in and out-sourced
    4. Transportation – school bus services
    5. Safety and Security – police services, security guards and cross-walk guards
  3. General Administration – centralized general and administrative functions
    1. Board of Education
    2. Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent
    3. Chief Financial Officer
    4. Human Resources
    5. General Counsel
    6. Information Technology

Hope this help clear things up.

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