APS – FY14 Transportation Preliminary Budget – Salaries & Supplies Up as a Result of Appropriate Budgeting in FY14

Update – Headline was modified to more correctly state the changes.

Below is a Chart with the key data for the Transportation FY14 Preliminary Budget. It is relatively straight forward and only prompts a couple of questions, shown below and the answers I received from APS.

APS FY14 Transportation Budget 052413

Questions – Salaries have tended to bounce up and down over the last several years, while staffing stays relatively the same. Why is this happening? Does APS expect to hit the FY13 Amended Budget for Salaries? If so, why are Salaries up $1.8 million in FY14? What is the increase in Other Purchased Materials?

Answer – Prior to FY14, the cost of staffing and fuel for field trips was not budgeted, but was incurred as shown in the FY12 Actuals. The FY14 Budget includes the cost for these two items.

The answers are very straight forward and it is clear that the FY14 Preliminary Budget is more realistic of what is likely to occur than previous budgets. Bravo!

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