APS – The Budget Commission is Not Happy with the Administration! Join the Crowd!

Mark Niesse at the AJC reported to today on the Budget Commission meeting yesterday and wrote the following:

Board Chairman Reuben McDaniel asked the administration to identify 18 non-teacher positions — worth about $1.5 million — that can be cut, especially if those workers are not doing their jobs. “There are people here who don’t need to be here,” McDaniel said. “We’re not doing the hard work around making sure that the professionals in this building are actually contributing to what we need, and those positions that are not should be eliminated.”

And the dissatisfaction from other members of the Commission flowed like water – both Chairman of the Budget Commission Butler-Burkes and Budget Commission Member Amos weighed in as well with the following (both quotes are paraphrased from the memory of individuals attending):

Butler-Burkes – “I am deeply disappointed with the effort to cut costs by this Administration. I expected we would see some of the clear “fluff” in the budget taken out. There has been no effort to do so.”

Amos – “I have a question that probably no one can answer. Where is Superintendent Davis?  I understand we’re all busy, and in fact, I have to leave early today, but this is probably the single most important piece of business we have to address and this is the second meeting in a row he’s missed. We, the Board, have been asking questions, asking for cuts, asking the administration to make tough decisions that are necessary to get this budget passed. It’s been very frustrating to me personally that we cannot get any answers. Ms. Walden is making a presentation that includes positions that the Board has already decided to cut; it includes spending increases when the Board has asked for spending cuts. It is apparent to me that you have made no effort to address the Board’s concerns. You said all of this was prepared a couple of months ago, before the proposed budget was submitted, but since then, we have asked you to look long and hard at your budget to make cuts where you can. You presentation today suggests that you have ignored everything we have requested. In fact, it indicates to me that APS plans to move forward with what it wants to do regardless of the Board’s concerns.” [emphasis added]

Wow – just WOW! There is nothing more for me to say. I would suggest the Administration gets in gear or there may be some unwanted consequences.

One Response to APS – The Budget Commission is Not Happy with the Administration! Join the Crowd!

  1. Ashley Miller says:

    You go!!!! Geesh!!!! Errol is about sick of my forwarded emails. Tee hee!!! (Evil laugh)


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