APS – Most Disturbing Aspect of Last Night’s Meeting

In a prior post I paraphrased Board member Byron Amos regarding his displeasure with the Administration in general and Superintendent Davis in particular during Wednesday Budget Commission meeting. The following are extracts from that paraphrase (which was confirmed to me to be, in substance, accurate):

Where is Superintendent Davis? …this is probably the single most important piece of business we have to address and this is the second meeting in a row he’s missed.

We, the Board, have been asking questions, asking for cuts, asking the administration to make tough decisions that are necessary to get this budget passed. It’s been very frustrating to me personally that we cannot get any answers.

Ms. Walden is making a presentation that … includes spending increases when the Board has asked for spending cuts.  It is apparent to me that you have made no effort to address the Board’s concerns.

You presentation today suggests that you have ignored everything we have requested.

In fact, it indicates to me that APS plans to move forward with what it wants to do regardless of the Board’s concerns.” [emphasis added]

After this comment and others by Board members, you would think that Davis and the Administration would have tried to be more responsive. Instead, essentially the same tired (or undecipherable) responses were “the standard” in last night’s meeting.

Even more troubling was Superintendent’s attitude during the meeting. In my view he was dismissive of certain Board members comments and questions, ignored the request for additional adjustments in spending, did not appear to have a full grasp of all the issues and in general, appeared as if the meeting was the last place he wanted to be. Given his attitude and the fact that he missed the prior two meetings, why did he even bother to show up?

Superintendent will be leaving at the end of FY14 – my question is – Why wait?

It is time for him to move on and let someone interested in the job start right now.

One Response to APS – Most Disturbing Aspect of Last Night’s Meeting

  1. Michelle says:

    BRAVO!!! to quote a good friend

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