APS – FY14 Reconciliation of Teacher & Paraprofessional Position Changes [Updated]

Numerous questions have come up over the last several weeks regarding the changes in teaching and paraprofessional positions. Due to a number of reclassifications between departments, it has been very difficult to establish where new resources have been provided for in the budget and what are simply reclassifications from one department to another.

The detailed Chart at the bottom of the post is a start on trying to more fully understand how the teaching and paraprofessional staffing has changed as compared to FY13.

In summary, here are the high level observations I can see so far:

  1. There are new teacher positions in the Exceptional Children Department (+52), the Gifted & Talented Department (+15), the Remedial Education Department (+7) and the Elementary Phys Ed Department (+67.5).
  2. Kindergarten has lowered its overall staffing by 13 and has lowered the skill level by exchanging 12 teachers for 12 new paraprofessionals.
  3. The Early Intervention Program reclassified teachers (43) and paraprofessionals (26) to the Classroom Instruction Department due to lower funding from the State for this Program. It is my understanding that the reclassified resources will still be used to enhance the remaining resources in EIP.
  4. The administration has repeatedly indicated that certain teachers that were accounted for in the Classroom Instruction Department in FY13 were reclassified to their specific disciplines in FY14. This includes the Art, Music, Band, Orchestra and Theatre & Dance Departments. I take them at their word and the Chart shows these position reclassifications on a one to one basis.
  5. ESOL changed the title of the teachers to specialists. I am not sure if this represents a change in skill level, a change in compensation or simply a change in the name of the position.
  6. Vocational Education appears to have both reclassified positions and to have added 32 new teaching positions. [Added: There is a possibility that the “new positions” were also reclassifications from the Classroom Instruction account – I have asked the question and will revise the Chart if this is the case.]

I will forward this Chart to the administration and see if they will confirm or correct my estimates on how department staffing has changed.  I will provide updates as I get them.

Click on the Chart to enlarge.

Update: Chart updated to include a summary line for Classroom Instruction to make the overall changes in this line item more clear.

APS FY14 Teaching Changes 060913 v1

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