APS – Want to Confuse the Issue? Reorganize, Reclassify & Change Position Titles – C&I is the Champ! Let’s Shed Some “Clarity” on the Confusion.

Attempting to understand how personnel have moved around in the Curriculum & Instruction Division has been a challenge, but I think I am about there. The Chart below captures every single position in C&I and the information is quite revealing. In addition, it is important to say up-front, that Deputy Superintendent Waldon’s contention that there are only “a couple” of new incremental positions in FY14 is borne out by the more detailed analyis.

APS FY14 All CandI positions 061013

The following are the key highlights from the Chart and my analysis:

  1. Of the approximately 67 departments that make up the C&I Division, at least 30 departments have had fundamental changes – eight have been closed down (or nearly so); a number of departments have had many positions transferred or reclassified to other departments and there are at least 13 new departments. In most instances, the new departments were created to capture the cost of the function more effectively.
  2. Teachers, paraprofessionals, JROTC NCO’s, graduation or instructional coaches account for 143 new positions in C&I.
  3. When taking into consideration all the other non-instructional positions in C&I, the number is up two, or essentially flat with FY13. Again, this confirms Waldon’s contention – one that I was very skeptical of initially.
  4. As a result of all the shifting that has occurred between departments, in just the administrative positions, there are approximately 140 position “title” changes. That means that approximately 22% of all the employees in the administrative areas have new titles in FY14. This is what I have referred to before as “rearranging the deckchairs”. How many of these title changes received salary increases in FY14 at this point is unknown. I will continue digging on this issue.
  5. Based on the information provided by CFO Burbridge, the number of students per “core teacher” is at 24.7, which is consistent with FY13.
  6. The number of teachers per Principal, Asst. Principal and Academy Leaders is 16.2 – up from 14.3 in FY13. This ratio tells us that the key in-school leaders are supervising approximately two more teachers than they did last year – their workload is up.
  7. When taking into consideration the number of teaching resources and student services, there are 5.8 of these positions for each administrator across the system. After taking into consideration the reclassifications, this ratio is consistent with last year. However, this ratio feels very low given the other “span of control” ratios noted above. My sense is that this could be raised much closer to seven teaching resources per administrator without substantially affecting the organizations performance (for those of you trying to do the math – that’s approximately 100 fewer administrators across C&I).

My sense is that this is a good start on more fully understanding C&I’s staffing. As I noted in a prior post, I have submitted a series of questions to Deputy Superintendent Waldon regarding the staffing in C&I and I will update the Chart and provide additional insight when I receive their comments.

As a side note, it took me a couple of hours over the weekend to develop the detailed information. My sense is that it would take a couple of hours more on the part of someone in C&I to get the reclassifications completely accurate – I will happily share the spreadsheet with them if asked. And if I were a Board member, I would certainly want to see the updated information to understand what is going on in C&I.

Update: In addition, if anyone would like to see the detailed spreadsheet, please email me and I will send it to you. This is a perfect project for “crowd sourcing” to verify and the information and the changes in C&I.

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