APS – Parent Meeting Scheduled to Review Use of Federal Funds and Grants (Special Revenue Fund)

Mark Niesse reports today in the AJC that APS

“is inviting parents to share their thoughts on parental involvement, grant usage and federal programs. The school district has scheduled meetings for June 26 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Usher Elementary School and Price Middle School.”

Sounds like a great idea to get parental input on critical programs run by the District.

Another great idea would be for APS to release the detailed information for the Special Revenue Funds so that parents could get a sense of what resources (financial and personnel) are being used in each of the different programs. As I have noted in the past, this information has not been forthcoming from APS.

We have seen this flawed process once already this budget season – public meetings on the General Fund Budget were held before the initial budget was finalized. As such, it was virtually impossible to form and then voice a reasoned opinion on the policy and financial directions taken by APS.

Will this be the case once again?

Unless the Special Revenue Fund detail is published in advance of the meeting on June 26, parents and the community are being asked to comment on issues without all the facts in hand to form an opinion.

The “cart leading the horse” comes to mind.

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