APS – FY14 Board of Education Department (8699) Budget Update

As I noted in a previous post, I concluded that the FY14 Board of Education Department (8699) budget is understated by at least $95 thousand or 39%. This department includes the Board members, the Executive Director to the Board, the Administrative Manager and an Administrative Assistant – 12 positions in all. I sent my detailed analysis to COB McDaniel, Budget Commission Chair Burks and Executive Director to the Board Dr. Grant. In follow up calls to them, here are the responses:

Burks – “The Chairman of the Board and Dr. Grant are responsible for reviewing and approving the budget for the Board of Education.”

That sounds reasonable – so let’s keep going in the direction she points.

McDaniel – “The Board reviews the budget information at a summary level prior to preliminary approval. We then look at the detail and make adjustments prior to final approval. I did not look at the detail in advance and we will look at it carefully in advance of approving the final budget.”

This is really not surprising – the Board is supposed to focus on policy, not the details. That responsibility lies with the administration. Clearly the finger is being pointed at Dr. Grant as he is the administrations representative to the Board.

I have left two messages for Dr. Grant – his administrative assistant has told me he has them. No response.

A simple acknowledgement that the budget would be revised would be sufficient. However, the silence makes me believe I hit a nerve.

While the budgeting “error” is not significant in relation to a $600 million total budget, if there was any attempt to make a false “statement” to the rest of the organization or just simply a lack of oversight – these are big problems right at the top of the organization.

One Response to APS – FY14 Board of Education Department (8699) Budget Update

  1. Ashley Miller says:

    Loving what you are doing! Forwarding every post to Errol! 🙂


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