APS – Board of Education Meeting Review – July 1, 2013

The following are the significant financial and other items discussed at the Board meeting today. For a more detailed review, see Talk-Up APS.

Charter School Petitions – It appears that the votes on the two charter school petitions have been deferred to the next meeting. Superintendent Davis has recommended that the Atlanta Classical Academy and the Hinds Feet Montessori School of the Arts be denied. See additional detail at Mark Niesse’s AJC article.

Comment – supporters of ACA should note that something similar occurred last year with the Drew Charter School expansion petition that was ultimately approved.

Revenue Forecast – CFO Burbridge confirmed that the ending General Fund balance would be $70.5 million – up $1.5 million from prior forecasts. Additionally, he indicated that there was a potential for an additional upward adjustment on revenue of $2 million which would take the GF reserve up to $72.5 million.

Limits on Transfer of Funds Between Divisions – A resolution was presented to require that the Board approve any reallocation or resources between divisions that exceeded $1 million or 5% (whichever is less) of the division budget on a cumulative basis. The initial resolution had read 2% not the 5% presented. There was discussion on this issue and subsequently the motion carried.

Comment – this change is a significant addition to the Board’s ability to monitor and control expenditures in the system.

Class Size Waivers at +5 – The class size waiver for +5 was presented and approved with average class size limits (with minor variations) – Elementary Schools – 24, Middle and High School – 30.

Comment – the discussion, once again, became a bit “testy” between Davis and Butler-Burks. There appeared to be a bit of revisionist history going on and Burks would have none of it.

Tuition for Out of District Students – A resolution was passed approving the tuition rate for out of district students. The amount per year approved is $10,228 which, as the resolution states “These rates reflect the current year estimated local cost per student”.

Comment – keep this number in mind for later – especially in the context of the “per student” amount granted for a charter school student.

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