APS – Lingering Question on the Final Approved FY14 Budget

At the Special Board meeting to approve the FY14 Budget, the Board discussed cutting an additional $1.3 million. As the discussion was held in Executive Session, we do not know the individual Board members position on the additional cuts.

What we do know is that Board member Yolanda Johnson offered the resolution to pass the budget without the additional cuts – she was asked very specifically if her resolution included the cuts and she said “no”. In addition, we know that Meister, Burks and Kinnane voted against the budget resolution and that McDaniel, Amos, Y. Johnson, Muhammad, E. Johnson and English voted in favor of the budget resolution without the additional expenditure reductions.

While I realize that what is discussed in Executive Session is confidential, each Board members position on the additional cuts should not be confidential. I am asking each Board member the following questions:

  1. Were you in favor of making $1.3 million in additional cuts to the FY14 Budget?
  2. If you were in favor of the cuts, what items did you consider for additional budget cuts?
  3. If you were not in favor of the additional cuts, what factors led to your rejecting them?

As I hear back from Board members, I will provide their responses.

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