APS – New North Atlanta High School – Most Expensive in the State!

Richard Belcher at WSBTV2 reported that the costs for the new North Atlanta High School are massive. The following are a couple of excerpts – read the whole article and see a video at the link:

The Atlanta Public School system is weeks away from completing the most expensive public school in state history. .. The total cost will be just under $150,000,000. It costs $56,500,00[0] for the property on Northside Parkway, $82,634,808 for the main buildings and $8,759,181 for the athletic fields. The latest expense is $13,000,000 for, among other things, the removal of unexpected underground rock. That’s a total of $147,893,989 for about 1,650 students.

Belcher then compares the $82.6 million cost of North Atlanta to other local area high school buildings. The highest cost was $50.6 million – that’s $32 million less than APS is spending on North Atlanta.

The cost of the athletic facilities is also way above the amounts paid by other schools in the area – and APS got less than the other schools.

The APS administration has touted this project from the start. However, now Belcher reports that:

[He] tried to get an APS representative to defend the cost, but no administrators or board members agreed to speak with him.

Is anyone surprised that no one wanted to comment?

I urge you to read the entire article and then see if you can conclude that our current Board is acting responsibly with your tax dollars.

BOE candidates – add this issue to your list!

2 Responses to APS – New North Atlanta High School – Most Expensive in the State!

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    Speechless in ATL!

    It is so easy for the Board to spend ‘Other People’s $$’. Now, they don’t have to answer questions. They spent it! $ flying out of our doors for lawsuits and, historically, renovating schools that closed shortly thereafter, renovating under-attended schools and closing others. Over-spending for other schools.

    I have been an ATL taxpayer for over 30 years and NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR APS! Wasting $$, low test scores, marginal administrators, marginal education, cheating, lies, nepotism, playing ‘ race card’, SACS, lawsuits for SWD, lawsuits for cheating, retaining poor teachers and administrators, low graduation rates and BUSINESS AS USUAL!
    Nothing will change!

  2. nancy jester says:

    Mr. Stockwell, thank you for your work illuminating the financial mismanagement within Georgia’s school districts, APS in particular.

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