APS – New Feature on Candidates Positions

As the race for the Board of Education begins to heat up over the next several months, it will be important for the voters to understand the candidate’s positions on issues. To assist voters in the process, this blog will maintain a “clearinghouse” of documented public positions held by candidates.

Starting today, I have added a new page to the blog. At the top of this page is a link to “BOE Candidate Positions”. Click on this link and you will go to a list of all the candidate’s names sorted by the District or At Large seat they are running for.

Click on the candidates name you are interested in and you will land on their page. Each candidate’s page will present their publicly stated positions or votes (if an incumbent) on a series of issues.

The issues I am documenting are as follows:

  1. Candidates Background
  2. Education Priorities
  3. Position on Revenues and Taxes
  4. Position on Deficit Spending and General Fund Reserves
  5. Position on Allocation of Resources
  6. Position on Class Size Waivers and Average Class Size
  7. Position on the Budget Process
  8. Position on Overcapacity Issues and School Closings
  9. Position on Board’s Oversight Responsibilities
  10. Position on Charter Schools
  11. Position on Other Issues that Have Financial Implications

The process is just starting and it will take some time to populate all the information. However, I anticipate that the initial set of information will be completed by the end of the weekend. After the initial information is complete, as new information is added I will note the new information with a date of publication.

If you find that there is additional information that I should include, please send it to me with a link to the source.

Note to Candidates – If you have a position on an issue that is not reflected on your page, please send me the information and I will include it. Also, if you believe the information shown does not present your position properly or needs additional information to present it more clearly, let me know and I will incorporate your additional thoughts, clarifications or corrections as well.

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