APS BOE – Mark Riley Officially Enters Race for At Large Seat 8 [Updated]

[Update – Mark Riley’s information at the BOE Candidates Positions page – see at top of page or at the link – has been updated]

Reporter Newspaper’s Dan Whisenhunt published a story yesterday announcing the official candidacy of attorney and real estate developer Mark Riley. Riley joins incumbent Reuben McDaniel, Tom Tidwell and Cynthia Briscoe Brown in the race for At Large Seat 8. As he joined the race, Riley said,

“I believe this school board election and the selection of a new superintendent are among the most important decisions this community will make in this decade. I believe this in a ‘watershed moment’ to fundamentally rethink how we provide public education in our community.”

Per the report, Riley was critical of current Chairman Reuben McDaniel’s leadership,

“having watched all the chaos of the last four years and then seeing frankly Reuben prove to be a disappointing public servant at large school board member.” 

In addition, Riley believes it is now time for a significant change in how APS operates,

“I think I see interests around the city coalescing in the interest of doing something dramatic,” Riley said.

Riley’s full press release announcing his candidacy is at the link.

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