APS – Report on NAHS Alleged Grade Changing & Institutional Racism Coming Soon

As reported by Dan Whisenhunt in the Reporter Newspapers, APS will soon release a report on the alleged grade changing and institutional racism at NAHS that led to removal of key administrators at the school in October 2012.

North Atlanta High will be the focus of an upcoming Atlanta Public Schools report about allegations of grade changing and institutional racism at the school, Board of Education Chairman Reuben McDaniel confirmed July 23.

The report … is likely to reopen wounds from leadership changes at the school that occurred last October. At the time, APS leaders said the changes were about academic performance. Later it was revealed that McDaniel made several inquiries about the treatment of minority students at the school.

When the investigation of alleged grade changing was initially disclosed by APS officials last fall, there were few clues as to what kinds of grade changing investigators might be reviewing. It was also unclear if those grade-changing allegations were related to claims of institutional racism, the subject of a separate investigation. The institutional racism claims appear related to complaints some parents had about North Atlanta’s International Baccalaureate program.

The APS report is anticipated to be released in the near future.

One Response to APS – Report on NAHS Alleged Grade Changing & Institutional Racism Coming Soon

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    Dr. Davis’ finest hour? Ambush the school during evening bus dismissal and cause major upheaval. The APS story for this ambush kept changing and this administrative act became a text-book case for ‘how never to deal with a situation’. Dr. Davis had experience with the Board of Regents, and appeared to know his job. Not, he would never ha e conducted himself that way in his previous position.
    As a resident of APS, this boondoggle was pedestrian and mediocre at best. Equivalent to spitting and kicking puppies.
    If there were reasons for administrative intervention, I am sure it could have been handled in a much more civilized manner. Again, APS showed its true, dare I say, colors. I will wait for the report.

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