APS BOE Candidate Steve Lee – Finally Some Background Information – Not All is Flattering

APN’s Matthew Charles Cardinale issued a report today on Steven Lee – a candidate for the Board of Education District 5 Seat. In the article, Cardinale reports,

Lee has an impressive record of working with youth as Executive Director of the Unity Network and Counseling Center (UNCC).

However, on the not so flattering side, the article states,

… APN can reveal that Lee appears to have previously misrepresented his educational credentials in documents prepared for the City of Atlanta… When first asked about the references to him as Dr. Lee in the City legislation, Lee told APN that his PhD was from Belford University…. a diploma mill that–prior to its closure in 2012–offered online, nonaccredited college degrees, for a fee of several hundred dollars, to individuals for their previous life experiences.  While it maintained a post office box in Humble, Texas, the degrees were mailed from the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, APN provided more information on Mr. Lee’s background,

 Lee moved to Atlanta fifteen years ago from Chicago, Illinois, although he was born in Mississippi. Since then, he has served in numerous community leadership capacities, including as President of the Board of Directors of People TV, which for the last few years has been facing financial challenges and currently survives only by virtue of City funding. He currently still serves on the ZRB and on the Hollowell/MLK TADAC.  He says he does not believe serving on TADAC poses a conflict of interest with his running for APS BOE, but that he will step aside from TADAC if necessary. He is also President of the Martin Luther King Merchant’s Association.

 As they say, read the whole thing.

This information will be added to the BOE Candidates Positions & Links page – click the link at the top of the page (or here) for a listing of candidates. Click on the candidate of interest and it will take you to a page showing their public positions on issues.

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One Response to APS BOE Candidate Steve Lee – Finally Some Background Information – Not All is Flattering

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    Steven Lee is the APS nightmare.
    None of us should knowingly provide access to APS for someone with his history, and for such a responsible position. There are too many examples of illegal and unethical episodes related to APS – going in the wrong direction.
    His lies are over the top! If educators face being fired and losing their teaching license, via Professional Standards Commission, for falsifying information, he needs to stay away, far away! How can we ever consider having someone of his lack-of-character be in the top position, in charge of all APS educators and students?
    If he ends up on the Board, we get what we deserve? No way!
    I do not believe in giving someone like him a chance to prove himself this way. Some violations should have consequences. This is one of them, especially when making decisions for children.
    I even question his role in his current position. What would he be doing if he had not been caught?

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