Update on Atlanta Board of Education Candidate Nisha Simama – At-Large 7

APN’s Matthew Charles Cardinale issued a report today with an interview with BOE candidate Nisha Simama who is running for the At-Large 7 Seat. She is opposed by Courtney English, the current incumbent for the seat.

Cardinale quotes Simama [see link],

[On Her Knowledge] “You can’t do urban education without doing a whole a lot of politics … I tell people all the time I don’t know a lot of things, but one thing I do know is education.  I know education, I love dealing with education, and I love health; those two go together for me,” she said.

[On Her Managerial Style] “Generally speaking–I’m a fighter now, don’t get me wrong–I also believe we need to bring sensibility, common sense, and talking about the common good for the masses, as opposed to what’s of interest to a small group or a small minority,” she said…. “I am a uniter, not a divider,” she said.

[On Charter Schools] As for charter schools, “Charters are here to stay.  When I was on the Board, we approved the charter of a number of schools.  But I don’t think we need to get into thinking charter schools is the panacea to save public education. APS has very good schools within the system that aren’t charters,” she said. What I think we’re saying is, we’ll try everything.  Charter schools have the same progress and achievement as do public schools,” she said.  I’m very clear on one thing: education is not a place where people need to start thinking about starting to make a profit.  It is not a profitable venture.  It’s a venture we have to give resources to because every child deserves the best,” she said….  I’m not for having us taking public taxpayer money and paying for private education,” she said.

[On Labor Practices] “We’ve got to be concerned about labor practices as well,” she said, noting that APS teachers work from day to night.  “There’s nothing as hard as teaching.”

I have added these positions to the BOE Candidates Pages Links – click at the top of the page or here for a list of all candidates. Then click on the candidate you are interested in for more information.

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