APS Board of Education Member Nancy Meister Brings Up New Campaign Website for District 4 Seat [Updated]

[Update – Meister’s press release announcing her campaign can be seen here at the Reporter Newspapers]

Nancy Meister who currently represents District 4 on the Atlanta Public School Board of Education has issued her new campaign website. At this point, Meister is running unopposed for the District 4 seat.

Meister’s new website presents her background and her views on a number of key issues and presents a core campaign theme that focuses on driving authority, responsibility and accountability to the individual school leadership teams that are ultimately responsible for results.

Per her campaign website,

Whether the issue is budget, graduation rate or early childhood education, it is my view that our children deserve a system that provides autonomy to its leadership. School based management and budgeting takes decision-making and spending away from the central office, allowing resources to be directed and appropriately applied by the one who knows the needs of the schools best, the Principal.

Meister then addresses each component highlighted above, 

Budgets that are the responsibility of the individual school, allow Principals the flexibility to appropriate resources to areas of need. … It would be advantageous for the Board to adopt and implement policies that move the system toward a budgeting process that is school based.

Graduation rates will improve if Principals have the autonomy to spend resources, engage with community outreach programs and have the ability to hire the number of support staff (counselors and social workers) that fits their needs. 

Early childhood education is the driver for success… We must empower individual school leadership and teachers, financially and programmatically, to develop the best approach for their individual communities.

Nancy Meister has served the community over the last four years with distinction and her presence on the BOE has made a difference. It is also clear that she focused on pushing for fundamental changes that will decentralize decision-making, responsibility and – most importantly – accountability at all levels in the organization.

I have added these positions to the BOE Candidates Pages Links – click at the top of the page or here for a list of all candidates. Then click on the candidate you are interested in for more information.

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2 Responses to APS Board of Education Member Nancy Meister Brings Up New Campaign Website for District 4 Seat [Updated]

  1. Dan Whisenhunt says:

    Does Meister have opposition?

    Dan Whisenhunt, Reporter Newspapers

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