Breaking News – Taryn Chilivis Bowman Files for BOE District 4 Seat – No Formal Announcement Yet [Update]

[Update – Mark Niesse at the AJC adds additional information here and Dan Whisenhunt, who reported the story first at the Reporter Newspapers here. Additional background information added below]

Taryn Bowman filed a Campaign Disclosure Report with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission this past Monday, August 12 (link).

Her filing is for the District 4 Board of Education seat currently held by Nancy Meister, who is running for re-election.

Ms. Bowman has not yet made a formal announcement and a campaign website is not yet up and running. [Update – per Ms. Bowman, the formal announcement will be made on Monday and her campaign website will be launched at that time.]

[Update] Per the AJC, Bowman is a Film consultant.

Bowman said she wants to localize education away from Atlanta Public Schools’ central office, provide support to teachers and hire a quality superintendent.

Bowman serves on the Board of the Mt. Paran-Northside Citizens Association and heads up the Membership team for the Association. She has also provided updates to the Association on membership, property taxes and the Atlanta Classical Academy (ACA) charter petition.

This past March, she issued an update to the Association in support of ACA’s charter school petition and said,

Their team as well as their concept and strategy are impressive.  Their hope is to compliment APS’ current public school offerings with a K-12, non-selective, tuition-free, public charter school that would serve the Atlanta area beginning in the Fall of 2014. … I’ve liked what I’ve heard and have offered to lend a hand in helping them “spread the word” in our community. Regardless if our children attend or not, I do see the benefit in having a variety of options, like this, in our public school offerings.

Mark Niesse at the AJC reported that Bowman is a Film consultant. In prior years, per IMDb, Ms. Bowman served as a Production Accountant on a number of films.  In addition, Ms. Bowman holds a real estate broker license that became inactive this past January.

[Update – Ms. Bowman stated that a previously published description at a website is not hers. The link and description have been removed.]

Ms. Bowman has a blog site on the Buckhead Patch site, but has yet to post any articles.

As I learn more about Ms. Bowman, I will add a page to the BOE Candidates Pages Links (see here) and provide more information about her views and position as a candidate. [Update – page added – see here]

Welcome to the race! We look forward to hearing more about your views on the critical issues that the Atlanta Public School will face in the coming years.

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