Uh Oh! New information on BOE candidate Hayes-Tavares D-6 – arrest record, PTA ban & investigation

APN’s Matthew Charles Cardinale reports today that Board of Education Shawnna Hayes-Tavares – District 6 seat,

… has an arrest record and is the subject of several investigations and actions involving JC Young Middle School…  

His investigation goes on to report that,

…Hayes-Tavares was arrested on August 08, 2011, by DeKalb County Police, on three charges, including giving a false name and false information to the police, a misdemeanor; driving while license suspended or revoked; and maximum limits, according to the arrests.org website.

In addition, APN has obtained a copy of several Meetings Minutes from the JC Young Middle School (JCYMS) Local School Council (LSC) Meetings raising several concerns … the LSC is preparing to take legal action against Hayes-Tavares over approximately 970 dollars in funds that Hayes-Tavares allegedly collected from parents.

The organization concluded and placed in the 2012 Minutes the following statement:

The JCYMS LSC finds that Shawnna Hayes-Tavares has broken the trust of the community at large. … [and] concludes that [she] cannot hold any positions of leadership at JCYMS.

And it appears as if there is another investigation regarding potential financial irregularities for a matter in 2013.

Read the whole thing here.

Arrest records, financial irregularities and, in a previous report on a different candidate [see here], a diploma mill Doctorate.

As this is a numbers oriented blog, I am happy to report that these two characters represent only 9% the current candidates.

And while I often have a problem with the inferences often contained in Mr. Cardinale’s reporting, in this case – Nicely done Matthew!

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One Response to Uh Oh! New information on BOE candidate Hayes-Tavares D-6 – arrest record, PTA ban & investigation

  1. HA Hurley says:

    Why did APS not refer her case to the PSC (Professional Standards Commission)? They would have investigated and addressed any ethics violations and criminal issues.
    Is this a joke that she is running for APS Board? It’s not even April 1st. Too much stuff and baggage. Don’t need it!! Ever!

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