Breaking News – Dr. Dell Byrd files for APS Board of Education D-6 Seat [Updated]

Dr Byrd photo  Dr. Advis Dell Wilkerson-Byrd filed for the Board of Education District 6 seat this past Tuesday. However, Byrd has not made a formal announcement of her candidacy and anticipates she will formally announce sometime next week when she launches her campaign website. (Photo credit

Her opponents are attorney and educator Eshe’ Collins and community activist Shawnna Hayes-Tavares (see here and here).

When asked why she was entering the race, she said that “she has a vast interest in education”, wants to “restore integrity” back into the system and “bring educational equity” to all parts of the APS district. In addition, Byrd indicated that past BOE representatives for her district, once elected, did not stay in touch with the community and that she would work to remain close to the community she would represent.

[Update] In an email sent by Dr. Byrd’s campaign manager, she further elaborated on why she is entering the race,

Because I C.A.R.E. – I’m Committed, Attentive, Responsible, and Enthusiastic about providing the best schools and education for our children and I have the Time, Talent, and Passion to be effective in this position.

TimeAs a property manager I have a  flexible schedule that will allow me to devote the necessary effort and energy to this position.

TalentI have over 25 years of educational experience. I have studied education, educational systems, and teaching methods for over 14 years both in the United States and abroad. I also have more than 10 years of practical teaching experience in the classroom.

PassionI have been passionate about education since the age of 15 when my school denied me the right to attend classes as a pregnant teenager. Since that time, I’ve been a passionate advocate for education. I will use my experiences as a student, parent, and teacher along with my passion to help make the Atlanta Public Schools be the best that they can be for our children and our community.

Byrd has lived in Atlanta for 36 years and has a daughter that attended Atlanta Public Schools.

Per her resume, she graduated with a BBA from the State University of West Georgia, earned a MA in education from Central Michigan University (Atlanta) and received her Ed. E. degree in curriculum studies and leadership from Georgia Southern University. She is also certified to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages, talented and gifted students and teach business education. Dr. Byrd taught business education at Creekside, Centennial and Langston Hughes High School in the Fulton County schools and served in other roles at Banneker High School in College Park.

Prior to entering the education field, she worked for 12 years at Rich’s Department Store in Atlanta. Currently, she operates a property management company.

Dr. Byrd has authored a number of papers and in 2011 entered into a contract with Brighton Publishing LLC for “Sheroes” which is based on her dissertation A Black Feminist Autobiographical Inquiry into the Experiences of a Teen Mom.

As Dr. James expands on her positions on issues publicly over the next couple of months, I will continue to document them in the BOE Candidates Positions and Links (see here).

Dr. Byrd – welcome to the race and we look forward to hearing more about you and your views!

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