Breaking News – Ed Johnson files for Atlanta Board of Education At-Large 9 seat [Updated]

[Update – based on emails from Mr. Johnson, he is known in the community as “Ed” and his work is more properly described as a “quality consultant”. The post has been modified to reflect these changes.]

Ed Johnson (aka Edward H. Johnson), a quality consultant, filed for the Board of Education At-Large 9 seat this past Monday.  However, at this time Johnson has not made a formal announcement of his candidacy.

His opponents are attorney Jason Esteves, education consultant Dr. Lori James, retired technology professional Mary Louise Palmer and former East Point City Councilmember Eddie Lee Brewster. The current incumbent Emmett Johnson is not seeking reelection.

Per Mr. Johnson’s Linked-In profile and company website (Quality Information Solutions, Inc.), he earned a BS in computer science from Clark College in Atlanta and served with the U.S. Army Security Agency (USASA).  In 1989 he formed his company and currently serves as the president and principal consultant for the organization. Johnson is also an advocate for K-12 education and has presented his views at a number of forums. In addition, he previously ran for the same BOE seat in 2001 and 2005 and has served in leadership positions in the Atlanta Area Deming Study Group, Inc. (AADSG). (See full resume here).

In a recent guest post at The Art of Teaching, Mr. Johnson wrote on his views regarding the selection of the next superintendent for APS,

… the next APS superintendent needs to be – no, must be – a Systems Thinker, perhaps in the style of teachings by the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming and similar others, or possibly in the style of the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence. Implicit in both these styles is ethical and moral development born of cooperation and collaboration, something that cannot possibly happen with competition and adversarialism where it truly matters. And it truly matters for educating today’s children with the aim of sustaining democratic ideals in service to the public good.

As Mr. Johnson provides additional information on his positions on issues publicly over the next couple of months, I will continue to document them in the BOE Candidates Positions and Links (see here).

Mr. Johnson – welcome to the race and we look forward to hearing more about you and your views!

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2 Responses to Breaking News – Ed Johnson files for Atlanta Board of Education At-Large 9 seat [Updated]

  1. Hillary Yarmowich says:

    Hello Bob: Thank goodness for you… I can barely keep up! When you know the contact email addresses for these new At Large 9 folks, could you please forward. The Sarah Smith program will now include tables for 7 and 9… they can be on hand to answer questions, meet / greet after the formal program. (Due to space and time constraints, we could not include them in the program) Enjoy this evening… Will look forward to reading the commentary. I have another commitment that is keeping me from attending. Thank you. Hillary Yarmowich

    • In the middle of getting ready for the NAPPS event tonight. Shoot me an email tomorrow to remind me and I will get all the contact info to you then.


      Robert F. Stockwell Stockwell Consulting, Inc. 404-229-6841

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